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K-2nd Art Class


The number one thing we focus on in this class is having fun and being creative.  We will go over the basics of art while the young ones will get a chance to practice their fine motor skills.



Grades 4th-8th

This class focuses on art, history, and geography. Great for students who love learning and exploring.

3rd-5th Art Class


In this class, we will study styles of art and famous artists from around the world.  Your student will learn a little more about the technical skills required to take their art to the next level.

Illustrated Author


Grades 4th-8th

This class focuses on art, writing, story planning, and development. Great for students who love writing, reading, and drawing.

6th-9th Art Class


This class covers more advanced art skills.  We will work on taking the basics of art and applying them in new ways.  We will work on our drawing and painting skills.

Drawing with Jesus


Grades 1st-5th

A fun art class with a bible study.  This year we will do an overview of some of the bible's most popular stories.  Starting with Genesis and ending with stories of Jesus and Paul.



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